Every vote counts

Volunteers & staff can effortlessly call, text, and canvass voters directly from their smartphones. No training required.

A smarter solution

TenMoreVotes provides your volunteers with 10 voter contacts at a time including demographics and tailored persuasion scripts.

Fast onboarding

Simply paste your scripts and upload your own voter data, or let us provide the data for you.

TenMoreVotes Interface
Simple to use

Voters can be easily dialed, texted or canvassed from within the app with responses sent to our web-based dashboard for analysis and export

Cost effective

Say goodbye to bulky paper-based systems, expensive dialers, and centralized call centers.

Calling, texting, and canvassing in one easy app

“TenMoreVotes is the perfect tool for phone banking. Volunteers prefer using the app to big stacks of phone lists, and they make more calls as a result. I definitely recommend it for any field program.”

  • Scott D,
  • Campaign Manager

Simplest for volunteers

“I am so happy that someone finally created a service that is simple, streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly. The way it is programmed makes it quicker than I’ve ever seen before to reach voters. Highly recommend!”

  • Natalia S,
  • Volunteer

Effortless setup and onboarding

“This is definitely a great app for political field campaigns. It is very easy for volunteers to get hooked on outreach. We’ve used it on multiple campaigns with great results.”

  • David B,
  • Campaign Consultant

Low cost with no variable fee

“We used this app on my last campaign. Volunteers enjoyed using the app and we had a lot less paperwork. Using TenMoreVotes is a no-brainer!”

  • Chris C,
  • Campaign Manager

Ready to get more votes?

Book a demo with TenMoreVotes and give your campaign the edge.

How it works

Import your own data or let us source it
Manage lists, scripts, volunteers & view/export realtime results
Volunteers log in to the app with a simple code
Persuade & ID voters to win your election

All features

  • Easiest voter outreach solution for volunteers, just 4 screens
  • Simple onboarding for volunteers, no registration/ passwords
  • Import & export voter data with any data vendor
  • Fast texting: Up to 10 texts per minute, thousands per day
  • 3 proven outreach methods in 1 app
  • Dynamic & formattable persuasion scripts
  • View real-time results in web dashboard
  • Technical support is available 7 days a week
  • Staff/volunteers can use their own phones
  • Customizable voter survey responses
  • Compliant with federal voter communication laws
  • Made by campaign people, for campaign people

Ready to get more votes?

One low, flat monthly price includes:


  • Unlimited Calls, Texts, and/or Door-Knocks
  • Unlimited App Volunteers
  • Unlimited Lists & Scripts
  • Free Campaign eBook: “How a Successful Campaign Works”
  • No Variable Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Upgrade Fees
  • 30% Discount on National Voter File