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Mobile Canvassing: The Smart Way to Manage Political Campaign Spending

August 01, 2018
Mobile Canvassing

Local political campaigns have a lot going for them. Their local focus puts an emphasis on what matters to the community. They represent the voice and the issues that locals care about. What they lack, however, is the big budgets, teams, and organization or large campaigns.

Local election campaign strategy can’t rely on big budgets and teams. Instead, successful campaigners work smarter.

The most effective new tools campaign managers are using today are mobile canvassing apps. They give canvassers all the power of a large campaign, at a fraction of the cost.


The best canvassing apps are big money-savers. Recruiting, training, and mobilizing a door-to-door canvassing team is an expensive process. Not to mention the costs of printing pamphlets and info packets. The costs of dialers and call centers add up quickly as well.

By using a mobile canvassing app, you save room in your campaign budget for other efforts. The software is downloaded to the phones of your volunteers and staff. That means there’s no expensive installs or hardware.

As well, canvassing applications emphasize a user-friendly experience and design. They are intuitive, so you can minimize wasted time and money on training.


Voter canvassing is proven to have a great effect and is central to local political campaign strategy. The downside to this is that canvassing is immensely time-consuming. Going from door-to-door is a slow process that uses up a lot of manpower.

Mobile apps streamline the voter canvassing process. You can connect with your voters and learn what issues matter to them quickly and easily – even with a small team.

Whether your team consists of canvassing veterans or first-time volunteers, they can connect with voters from any location with minimal training. In local election campaigns, the clock is always ticking. And when you have a limited team size, timesavers are lifesavers.


No matter your budget, your manpower, or your goals, in the end only one thing matters – your results. A smart local election campaign strategy doesn’t just need to save time and money. It needs to be effective.

The goal of the best canvassing apps isn’t just to connect with more voters but to create more meaningful connections. Each voter contact the app supplies comes with the voter’s demographics and information, as well as a custom-tailored persuasion script. This helps the canvasser achieve a more personal and effective connection.

In addition to personalized scripts, the app makes it easy to take notes and record information on the issues that matter to each specific voter. This information informs future contact with this voter, as well as building a picture of what matters to the voter-base as a whole.

Organization & Tracking

One of the biggest headaches in grassroots political campaigns is organization. All the data in the world is meaningless without a system to organize and use it. That’s why our mobile canvassing app uses an intuitive online dashboard.

Every interaction is tracked to provide relevant real-time data. You can collect voter data yourself, and/or have us source it for you. The data is accessible on the web platform for easy viewing and analysis.

A powerful, intuitive tracking and organization tool makes your data meaningful and actionable.

Galvanize Your Local Election Campaign Strategy With Mobile Canvassing

The Ten More Votes mobile canvassing platform is designed to increase and improve your engagements with prospective voters. Earn real insights and connections with affordable, time-saving local election campaign software.

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