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Getting Youth Involved in Local Political Campaigns

September 01, 2018
Recruit Youth Volunteers

“Politics is a young man’s game,” its an old cliche. And despite its frequent use, it’s hard to see how it applies today. Older generations dominate modern politics.

While youth are vocal in social and political causes, older generations have a higher voter turnout and are more active as campaign volunteers.

Still, there is something to the old cliche. The ability to harness the energy and enthusiasm of youth offers a number of benefits. Unfortunately, this ability seems to be a rare talent. Today we take a look at how you can – and why you should – get youth involved in your political campaign.

Why You Should Involve Youth in Local Political Campaigns

Time & Energy

Part of the reason senior citizens are so involved in local political campaigns is that they have the free time available. Youth, especially students, have a lot of time available as well. Although they may not have as much time, considering school and extracurricular activities, they do have a lot of energy they can dedicate to a campaign they care about.

Technological Literacy

Today’s youth are extremely technologically savvy. Local political campaigns have come to rely on grassroots canvassing software, so this expertise is a necessity.

Mobile canvassing apps are the most effective tool for small political campaigns to collect information and spread awareness. Nobody is more fluent than today’s youth in mobile use. If you want to get the most out of your political software, involve younger generations of voters. They quickly embrace and understand this type of technology.

Appeal to Youth Voters

The influential power of youth is often underestimated in politics, especially their influence on other youth. Youth respond to their peers. The more of their peers that are involved in something, the more likely they are to respond. This is how political and social movements grow so quickly amongst young adults.

Often, youth see politicians appealing to older generations. When they see a campaign with youth involved, it gives the impression that this campaign has youth interests front of mind. This is a powerful motivator.

Getting more youth involvement in your local political campaign means getting more youth out to vote. It also makes it faster to mobilize campaign events and activities.

Lifelong Support

Young people who get actively involved in a cause or campaign generally tend to continue to support it throughout their life. The more support they give, the more long-term this effect. In fact, getting volunteer youth canvassers helps to secure future donors.

Youth often don’t have enough money to be in a position to donate to a campaign. But, by earning their support now, they are more likely to donate later in life when they have more money to give but less time to volunteer.

How to Get Youth Involved in Local Political Campaigns

Ability to Make a Difference

One of the big challenges in recruiting youth is showing that their efforts matter. From charities to political campaigning, young people are more likely to get involved in a cause if they can see a clear result from their efforts. This is one of the advantages of running a local political campaign.

Local politics affect people in their own communities. The actions taken by local government are apparent and visible to the people living there. A youth may want to support a local politician who plans, for example, to introduce more community programs. This has a clear, visible and effective result.

They can see the community programs in action and feel pride in their role. As well, they can see secondary effects such as lower crime rates that result from such programs.

Satisfy Volunteer Hours

Often, students are eager to be involved in politics. Most high school students are unable to vote because of the age restriction. However, they can still have an impact through volunteering. This opportunity is doubly enticing because it can help them satisfy their required volunteer hours to graduate.

Volunteering in local politics is more than an opportunity for students to earn their volunteer hours. It is a great experience to put on college applications. It demonstrates that they are go-getters who care about their communities. In fact, post-secondary schools often prefer local volunteering over volunteering abroad.

As well, some university programs require students to complete volunteer hours. These opportunities are not only great for fulfilling educational requirements. They can help in securing future job prospects as well.


For youth canvassers, involvement in local politics is a great networking opportunity. They can build strong connections with people who are plugged into the community. When trying to recruit youth volunteers, be sure to show them that this is an opportunity for them to meet people who can help them in their future careers.

In today’s job market, these sorts of networking opportunities are invaluable to youth. You can use this opportunity as a quid pro quo for recruiting youth canvassers.

Run A Local Political Campaign With Youth Canvassers

Running and winning a local political campaign isn’t just about getting enough volunteers. It’s also about using the right strategy and tools. Youth canvassers are especially helpful volunteers because of their technological fluidity.

Today’s successful grassroots campaigns rely on software as an alternative to door-knocking and phone banks. Mobile apps increase your ability to persuade voters while saving time and money. Contact the Ten More Votes team today to get started with the future of local campaigning.

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