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October 02, 2018
Mobile Political Campaign

We’ve long passed the digital era. Now we’re into the mobile era. The days when it was revolutionary for Obama to be on Twitter are over. These days, we expect every politician to be online and engaged in social media. The frontrunners today are those who are adopting mobile into their campaigns. It keeps them agile, responsive, and on the cutting-edge.

Mobile marketing (text messaging, in particular) is fast becoming a staple of political campaigns. We look at why it’s so powerful, and how you can use it to fuel a local political campaign.

Benefits of a Mobile-Oriented Political Campaign Strategy

As the range of mobile election apps grows, they are seeing rapid adoption. This quick response is transforming them from best practice for campaign strategies to must-have tools. We take a look at some of the benefits of mobile marketing tools for political campaigns.


Today, everyone has a phone on them and that phone is incredibly powerful. People commonly quote the fact that a modern smartphone is millions of times more powerful than the combined computing power NASA used to land a man on the moon. And all of that is at the touch of our fingers. It would be folly not to take advantage of that.

Technology has never been so advanced, nor so accessible. Mobile election apps are available to your team anywhere at any time. They’re intuitive and easy to use, increasing the speed and organization of your campaign team.


Text messaging is one of the most effective tools for political campaign strategy. Texts have a higher response rate than email as well as faster response times. That allows you to get more responses, better insights, and to mobilize faster.

Reach Younger Voters

Text message-oriented campaign management software makes it easier than ever to reach young voters and get them involved in politics. SMS messages are the most effective way to reach, engage, and mobilize young adults.

It’s not just for voting SMS works for either. A study by the University of Navarra demonstrated improved ability to spread information, awareness and increase participation in their recycling program through SMS messaging. The study measured the successful use of text messaging to educate and mobilize student action on this initiative.

This same technique is directly applicable to political campaign strategy. You can use text messaging to spread awareness and information about your campaign, as well as mobilizing youth to get out and vote.

For young adults, 18-34, text messaging is the most effective way to connect.

Uses of SMS Election Apps

To get the most out of an election app, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the scope of its uses. Text messaging is more than just an email alternative – it can host a variety of invaluable functions.


Most political campaigns look at fundraising as a necessary evil. It’s an activity nobody really looks forward to, but every campaign needs to do. If ever there was a case of, “there’s got to be a better way,” it’s fundraising.

Fortunately, with the rise of SMS election apps, better ways are evolving. Text messaging is a faster way to fundraise. You can send out reminders and requests that spark action. As well, you can help spread the word and confirm attendance for fundraising events.

Rapid Mobilization & Media Response

Text messaging is the fastest way to spread information en masse. When you need to mobilize your team, volunteers, or supporters, text is the best choice. It helps you plan and/or respond to events quickly.

This speed can be the difference between you and a competitor getting out front of an issue or news story first. When a breaking story hits, being the first out to the media helps you get free PR and demonstrate you campaign values. By mobilizing your supporters to these events, you can improve public image and reception of your appearance.

Mobile Polls & Petitions

Activities like polling are time-consuming if you have to go out and poll people manually. It also limits your poll to a specific area and people who are around at that time of day. In other words, it doesn’t provide a very full scope. Polling on your website isn’t much more helpful either. You mostly just hear from people who already share your views.

Mobile polling is an ideal solution. It allows people to respond no matter where they are. As well, it generally gets a faster response. With a good election app, you can even send polls to specific demographics to see where they stand on issues.

Mobile polls aren’t the only ways texts can get a lot of paperwork out of the way with quickly. Sending out invites to petitions through SMS gets quick responses, helping you get signatures fast. Getting petitions that support your initiatives helps to show that you are someone who gets things done. It’s a great way to make an impact before election day.

Field Communication & Coordination

Mobile campaign manager software isn’t just good for external activities. It also helps to organize and execute internal initiatives. At events, you need a good way to communicate with volunteers, staff, and coordinate efforts.

For this purpose, text messaging is ideal. Just about everyone has their phone on them and knows how to use texting already. So there is no training or extra equipment required. That keeps your efforts fast, mobile, and cost-effective.

Get The Right Tools To Put Your Mobile Political Strategies To Work

TenMoreVotes is a mobile election app that keeps costs low and effectiveness high. SMS marketing is the new holy grail of political campaign strategies. You can get started today. Contact us for more information about TenMoreVotes.

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