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How To Launch A New Political Campaign & Win

November 01, 2018
Launch Political Campaign

Starting an election campaign from scratch is going to be a challenge. No one can guarantee a win for a new campaign, but you can give yourself the best chance by getting your campaign running with these tips:

  • Qualify
  • Choose Your Issues
  • Create A Campaign Plan
  • Get The Right Tools
  • Build A Team
  • Fundraise
  • Canvass
  • Run Events


If you want to run for political office, the first thing you need to do is qualify. Find out what the local requirements are for qualification. Depending on the position you are running for, you can usually get this information from the town clerk or from the office of the Secretary of State.

A lot of the time, qualification will require signatures. Getting out there to collect signatures is good for you. It helps to get an idea about what issues and ideas get people interested and garner support.

There may also be requirements for raising money or to receive a party nomination. It’s always best to know what it takes to qualify before you get out there.

Choose Your Issues

While you should have a clear point of view on all the key issues in your election, your campaign should focus on just a few. Picking 1 to 3 main issues for your campaign will help to keep your new political campaign focused and memorable.

Even if you are well-known locally, most people don’t know where you stand politically. For a new campaign, you need to demonstrate a clear reason and benefit for your election. Having just three key issues keeps your message consistent and important. You need to create a strong enough message to motivate people to vote for you and/or against the incumbent.

You should choose issues that are important to you, to your voter, and that are in need of reform. You should back up your issues with a clear path forward. For example, if your concern is education, you need to be able to communicate what the problem with education is in your locale, what your plan is, and why it will work. You need to know your key issues backwards and forwards.

Create A Campaign Plan

Once you qualify and choose your issues, it’s time to put together a campaign plan. You and your campaign planner need to sit down and figure out the best way to get your message out there.

First, consider the demographics of your most likely supporters and how to ensure you reach them. Second, determine the best way to reach, attract, and convert people who are on the fence. While establishing a new political campaign, trying to convert voters who have already made up their mind is a waste of resources. Instead, focus on those likely to align with you or who do not have an allegiance yet.

Those who have been marginalized by the current administration are likely to be looking for a new answer to their problems. For example, if current politics are negatively affecting local unions or causing the closing of factories, you have the opportunity to grow a large supporter base by championing their cause.

Get The Right Tools

To implement your campaign plan – whether canvassing, organizing events, or mobilizing volunteers – you need the right tools. The best tools to win a local election are all-in-one online applications.

These help to keep your costs low and get the most out of a small team – both of which are essential, especially for a new campaign. To maximize the capability of your small (but growing!) team, you need to be able to communicate and coordinate easily and quickly.

To meet these criteria, you’re best equipped by implementing a mobile political campaign app. An app is the fastest and most accessible way to stay connected with your team. They‘re intuitive to use and require minimal training. These tools are indispensable once you start campaigning.

Build A Team

No one wins a campaign on their own. To run a great local campaign, you need a great team. That starts with filling key positions with people who not only have the right skills but who share your vision.

The key positions to fill first include:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator

As the campaign grows, or for larger campaigns, you may need to bring on legal, advertising, and PR advisors.

Once you’ve established this base for your team with a clear line of command, you can start recruiting volunteers and getting your message out to the public.


The campaign trail isn’t just shaking hands and kissing babies – you’re going to have to do some fundraising. Every candidate and campaign manager would rather spend time on the issues than on fundraising, but it’s a necessity for any campaign.

Raising funds is essential for paying staff, fees, and getting your message out to the voters. People don’t donate to campaigns unless they’re asked, and no one gives more than you ask from them. So a fundraising effort cannot be passive.

Taking advantage of a fundraising app can help keep the team on task and better coordinate your efforts. Fundraising is the job of your whole team and an app helps to keep it on the go.

Voter Outreach

Canvassing is a tried and true method for connecting with voters. The street walking, door-knocking canvasser has been part of local politics since the late medieval ages. Yet, until recently, there wasn’t much innovation.

Physically going door-to-door is time-consuming, and can exhaust the resources of a small, grassroots campaign. Because of this, phone banking is also a very important method of voter outreach. And now, with the proliferation of cell phones, text messaging (SMS) has become a fast and efficient tool for field operations.

Recent advances in political canvassing apps, like TenMoreVotes, are transforming this landscape. Mobile voter outreach apps make it easy to get in contact with voters.

Each volunteer receives 10 contacts at a time who they can connect to on their smartphone. The app includes demographic information on the contact, as well as a custom script. This makes it easy for volunteers to call, text, and canvass effectively with minimal training while saving valuable time.

Run Events

Running events is a great way to get your name and your message out, especially with a new political campaign. Events allow you to familiarize yourself to the voters and gives them a chance to know what you stand for.

This is your chance to involve yourself in the community in an atmosphere you control. It’s also a great way to generate some free PR.

Of course, events don’t run themselves. Your event coordinator needs to plan ahead for the volume of people and all the details, as well as coordinating and mobilizing the volunteers.

Taking advantage of an election campaign app provides an easy way to get the message out to your supporters and volunteers. This helps coordinate the event, as well as ensure attendance and even allows for quick responses to take advantage of event opportunities.

Launch & Win A Political Campaign With The Right Tools & Strategies

Ten More Votes was created with a belief that your ideas, not your pocketbook, should allow you to win an election. As a result, we created a local campaign app allowing even grassroots organizations to get their message out and win elections. Learn more here or contact us to get started with TenMoreVotes.

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