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Sacred Text: SMS Messaging is the Holy Grail For Political Campaigns

February 01, 2019
SMS Political Campaign

If you want to keep up with the people, you have to keep up with the times. One hundred years ago, the image of a political canvasser was a straw hat, suspenders and a clipboard. Today, canvassing is just as important but the technology, and appearance, have changed.

Old techniques like door-knocking and phone banking have gone the way of boater hats in the political arena. SMS messaging has become the new holy grail of political campaigns, boasting better results and better efficiency.

Everyone, from elected presidents to local representatives, is turning to text messaging software. We take a look at why.

Text Message Campaign Tools Work

How do you win a local election campaign? You start with the right tools for the job. Fortunately, it’s no secret what those tools are. Over the past decade, political trailblazers have been learning the best techniques for incorporating modern technology into their campaigns. Through trial and error, they’ve discovered what works.

One of the best uses available: text messaging. It’s fast, it’s simple, and is a proven concept. In fact, one of the first documented uses of texting for political purpose dates back to Obama announcing his pick for VP.

In 2008, when Obama announced that Biden would be his running mate he preceded with an email to 3 million people. Those people were able to quickly react and mobilize, resulting in record-setting donation numbers.

The Democrats continue to use text messaging to this date. In the last election, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took advantage of SMS to organize rallies, donations, and events making them front-runners for presidential candidates.

From mobile canvassing apps to mobilizing grassroots campaigns, text messages are a dominant force in modern political campaigns.

Text Messaging is Fast

The speed of text messaging is unrivaled, even outperforming email. Campaign managers can reach hundreds of people in a few short minutes. This can include:

  • Announcements
  • Voting Reminders
  • Organizing Volunteers
  • Organizing Events

All of this helps to ensure supporters are kept up-to-date and maximize your turnout in the polls and at events. It even helps to cut down on canvassing time.

SMS Reduces Time Commitments From Volunteers

Time is a precious resource. Even those who would love to help can’t always spare the long hours required for tasks like door-to-door canvassing. Fortunately, text message services make it possible for people to make a difference, even with small time commitments.

Tools like our mobile canvassing app allow for quick, effective interactions. The app sends canvassers 10 contacts to get in touch with, along with their information and a script tailored to the contact. Volunteers can use this info to easily engage with the voting public without taking a big chunk out of their day.

As a result, anyone can make a difference in a political campaign – even on a tight schedule.


Running a political campaign isn’t just about budgeting time, you have to budget finances. With most grassroots campaigns, the budget for both is limited. So you need to choose tools that get the most bang for your buck.

This is where texting and mobile apps excel. There is no expensive hardware to install and it uses people’s phones – a tool they have on them all day, every day.

Ease of Use

Phones play such a major role in our lives that they’re practically an extension of our physical self. We integrate them seamlessly into our daily lives. So anytime we can take advantage of software and strategies that utilize our phones, it makes things easy.

From taps to swipes, mobile canvassing apps and texting are intuitive, ensuring easy use and minimal training. People can pick up and engage anywhere, at home or on-the-go.

Mobilize Youth

There are a number of benefits to getting youth involved in local political campaigns. Millennials have the potential to become one of the most important age demographics. Only the Baby Boomer generation has more eligible voters than Millennials.

At the moment, the only thing keeping Millennials from having more impact is the actual voter turnout. Only 51% of Millennials in the USA voted in the 2018 election. Still, that’s a 5% increase over the 2012 election. If this trend continues, this vote will be indispensable.

How do you reach the youth? The best way is through their mobile devices. For ages 18-34, text messaging is the preferred method of communication. As a result, mobile campaigns that use SMS are better able to reach and mobilize youth.

Win a Local Election Campaign With Help From Text Messaging

If your local election campaign isn’t already making use of text messaging, it’s not too late. Integrated mobile apps and SMS into your campaign is fast, easy, and low-cost. With elections fast approaching, you need to harness any edge you can find.

Try out our mobile canvassing app and SMS services, contact the Ten More Votes team today to get started!

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