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Choosing The Best Canvassing App For Campaign Volunteers

May 10, 2019

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful campaign. Whether you’re fundraising, canvassing, or running events, volunteers are your feet on the ground. A great campaign takes great volunteers. Rewarding their service with volunteer-friendly tools means better performance and happier volunteers.

We take a look at how to choose the best canvassing app for your campaign volunteers.


Philosopher Henry David Thoreau says, “Simplify, simplify,” and that concept certainly applies to the best campaigns. The best tools for campaign volunteers are simple to learn and use. Intuitive, user-friendly apps are better for volunteers and increase their engagement and effectiveness. Complex systems can cause frustration and confusion.

When volunteers spend too much time fumbling with clunky software, incomplete tasks, abandonment, and a lack of enthusiasm become common. By simplifying tools, you simplify tasks for happier, more enthusiastic engagements.

Simple tools also help you save valuable time and money. It minimizes training requirements as well as onboarding time. Simple canvassing apps help streamline your process.

Go Mobile

People spend an average of 24 hours per week on their phones. Are we addicted to our screens? Maybe. But your best opportunity for canvassing is to take advantage of the average person’s mobile expertise.

Mobile canvassing apps are low cost and require little training. And since everyone already has a phone, no expensive hardware is required, and volunteers already understand the basics of use.

Mobile apps take advantage of your phone’s capabilities. Your phone’s geo-tracking allows the app to send 50-100 pins near each user, based on their individual location. The volunteer can then choose their route instead of being supplied a walk list.

The pins are targeted for optimal opportunities. Approaching voters who are undecided, or encouraging your likely supporters to get out and vote.

Custom Scripts

It’s hard to get out there and wing it. Politicians do enough public speaking that it’s easy to forget how challenging it can be for others. Providing volunteers with a script makes a big difference in their confidence and delivery.

Opting for custom scripts is even better. By tailoring the script to the recipient, the volunteers have better engagements, increasing their enthusiasm and confidence. These effects compound to improve results with each successful engagement.

Canvassing Alternatives

Canvassing is the most effective form of voter engagement, but it’s also the least efficient. Depending on the size of your team and your timeframe, you may need to look to alternatives. A common strategy is to save canvassing for the highest value voter targets.

For instance, it’s worth the extra time to visit voters on the fence who are most likely to vote. Those are votes someone is going to get, so you better make sure it’s you! But the extra effort is unnecessary for people who are already going to vote for you, or for people who definitely won’t.

For secondary targets, like supporters who take convincing to vote, you don’t need to meet them in person. An alternative like phone banking or texting can give them the push they need to get out the vote.

Mobile phone banking apps give 10 quick contacts with custom scripts. So calling is easy and convenient for volunteers. Volunteers who are timid on the phone may prefer using texting apps. Texts are less effective than phone calls but have a wider reach.

A single volunteer can send hundreds of texts in little time through election campaign apps. It can also be a great start for new volunteers since it’s less intimidating to start with. This also makes it a great way to involve youth in your local election campaign.

Elections Campaign & Canvassing Apps: Try The Demo!

Ten More Votes is a volunteer-friendly campaigning and canvassing app. Volunteers can download directly to their own devices for easy, convenient use.

Our app streamlines all three of the main forms of voter contact:

  1. Canvassing
  2. Phone Banking
  3. Texting

Are you ready to get more votes? Book a demo today.

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